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If you love playing games but are bored of your current arsenal, you’re in the right place. We want to salvage your gaming boredom with accessories that will keep you on point and focused. From a monitor to a laptop to an indoor exercise bike that’s powered by your moves, this blog has everything to keep you entertained and winning.

Gaming is a great way to de-stress after a long day. But if your headphones, monitor, mouse, and other gaming gadgets need some TLC, you might not enjoy your gameplay as much as you used to. And, let’s face it, you don’t want to have to apologize to your gaming buddies all the time because your microphone quality is poor.

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Don’t despair. Create a clean home layout and the right ambiance for action with these must-have gaming accessories. Our selection of 10 gaming gadgets delivers a more immersive experience whether you’re playing solo or streaming online.

1. The EKSA E900 Pro gaming headset works on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile gaming gadgets. It also provides 7.1 surround sound, so it feels like you’re in the heart of the action.

EKSA E900 Pro gaming headset

With its excellent versatility, the EKSA E900 Pro gaming headset works on a variety of devices. If you enjoy gaming sessions, this headset will enhance your comfort thanks to the padding on the underside of the headband and on both earcups. Plus, with 7.1 virtual surround sound, it makes sure you enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Get your gaming headset from the brand’s official website for a reduced price of $44.99.

2. Experience a 94% screen-to-body ratio with the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 GU603 gaming laptop. It also boasts a 165 Hz refresh rate, which is great for quick-paced games and minimizes delays.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 GU603 is a must-have gaming gadget to add to your arsenal. With an 11th-gen Intel Core i9-11900 CPU, 2 TB of storage, and 48 GB of RAM, this laptop can keep up with demanding tasks. Moreover, it’s equipped with Dolby Atmos technology and twin tweeters for exceptional sound quality.

The price and release date have yet to be announced for this gaming laptop.

3. The SteelSeries Rival 5 gaming mouse provides true 1-to-1 tracking and an ergonomic 9-button programmable layout for comfort.

Use the SteelSeries Rival 5 gaming mouse for hours of gameplay. It weighs just 85 grams to enhance its speed and comfort. Additionally, its ergonomic design ensures that you can make quick in-game moves with no delays. In particular, you’ll receive quick access to the thumb button, which could be critical between winning and losing.

Order yours for $59.99.

4. Equipped with 50 mm drivers, the JBL Quantum 200 wired gaming headset provides a realistic gaming session and heightens your sensations by accurately portraying even the tiniest details.

Wear the JBL Quantum 200 wired gaming headset for intense action games where you need to be aware of your surroundings in order to win. This gaming accessory also allows you to make clear interactions with multiple players, thanks to the echo-canceling boom microphone. And the microphone’s flip-up design makes it flexible to capture only your voice and dismiss background noise.

Order your refurbished headset from eBay for $44.99.

5. Play up to 40 games on the Evercade VS retro console with a total of 260 fully licensed games from the Evercade Family.

Evercade VS retro console

Take yourself back to the 90s with the Evercade VS retro console. It’s a portable gaming gadget that sports an extensive gaming library and lets you play with up to four users. Additionally, it includes 1,080p Full HD resolution for clear images and videos along with a powerful Quad Core 1.5 processor to keep up with your gameplay.

Preorder your gaming console for $99.99.

6. Make your move with accuracy and precision with the Razer Orochi V2 wireless gaming mouse. It’s also lightweight and effortless to move.

When you’re gaming on your computer, you don’t want cumbersome accessories. That’s why the Razer Orochi V2 wireless gaming mouse is sleek and weighs only 60 grams. Most impressively, it features a 5G advanced optical sensor to flawlessly track your movement with zero spinouts. It also includes PTFE mouse feet to glide along any surface with minimal friction.

Purchase yours from Razer’s official website for $69.99.

7. Treat yourself to a massage on your neck and shoulders while you’re gaming with the OSIM Predator Gaming Chair X. It’s great for pain relief or simply a well-deserved treat after a long day.

Featuring 360° massage rollers, the OSIM Predator Gaming Chair X targets your upper body for maximum comfort while you endure stressful gameplay. In fact, its massage technique emulates the flexibility of a masseuse’s hands, so you can use it for moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed, too.

Order yours for $899.

8. Get fit and game at the same time with the Playpulse ONE indoor gaming bike. You’ll torch calories while having fun at home.

Playpulse ONE indoor gaming bike

Looking to revamp how you game? Then the Playpulse ONE indoor gaming bike is a healthy, yet fun, choice. It integrates games and streaming services onto the built-in screen. Your characters respond to your movement, so, if you need to run, you’ll need to pedal faster. It’s a great way to get in shape. Plus, you can even track your fitness progress and choose from a variety of workouts to suit your abilities.

Preorder yours for a reduced price of $1,199.

9. The RedMagic 6 Series gaming phones feature a 165 Hz refresh rate and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor to meet demanding tasks for extended sessions.

Available in two options—6 and 6 Pro—the RedMagic 6 Series gaming phones feature a 6.8-inch 1,080p OLED display to enhance your games. Furthermore, you can game for long periods of time, thanks to the multidimensional cooling system that prevents the phone from overheating.

Preorder your gaming phone for $699.

10. With a 49-inch screen, the Samsung Odyssey G9 2021 curved gaming monitor immerses you in the action to not miss a thing.

Use the Samsung Odyssey G9 2021 curved gaming monitor for gaming or working. Its 1000R curved screen matches the contours of human eyes so you can see visuals clearly and accurately. Also, the 240 Hz refresh rate prevents delays so you’re always sharp when gaming.

Purchase your gaming monitor for $1,399.99.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an avid gamer. The accessories you own can affect how you play. Which gaming gadget do you swear by to help you win? Share your collection in the comments.

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