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Verizon Business and Amazon Web Services said they will start delivering private mobile edge computing to enterprises in the US via integration with Verizon’s private 5G network and AWS Outposts.

The two partners will start providing private edge computing platforms to be used in factories, warehouses, school campuses, as well as autonomous robots. Corning plans to use Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Outposts for self-guided vehicles and robotics in its smart factory.

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Verizon and AWS outlined a partnership at re:Invent 2019 and has expanded it since. The mobile edge computing (MEC) offering offers unified connectivity, compute, and storage and is fully managed. Verizon’s Private 5G Edge platform will connect with AWS services, APIs, and tools on AWS Outposts. For good measure, two smaller AWS Outposts with 1U and 2U form factors will be available.

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AWS and Verizon have been focusing on combining 5G and cloud computing to edge use cases by providing low latency access for augmented reality, video, inference, and machine learning. and connected vehicles.

In a blog post, AWS noted that private MEC networks also are useful since they don’t need local wired connections that can be difficult in edge computing deployments.

The Corning plant in Hickory, North Carolina will use AWS Outposts and Verizon’s 5G private network coupled with Gestalt Robotics GmbH for industrial automation, navigation, and advanced environmental sensing.

Specifically, Corning will leverage Amazon EC2 instances with GPU acceleration to power computer vision and artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads. In addition, autonomous mobile robots will be used on the factory floor. The private 5G network will be used for low latency transmission for sensor data.  

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