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DIY Smart Home

This story is part of an ongoing DIY smart home series. Be sure to check out the latest installments to follow the renovation process from start to finish.

As I’ve been toiling away at my DIY smart home, I’ve wondered more about how to extend my home’s newfound smarts to our deck to turn it into the ultimate outdoor entertainment area. I actually skipped on smart kitchen appliances knowing we prefer to grill, and now that the weather can accommodate, I’ve been researching the best smart grills, meat thermometers and smokers. I’ve also looked into outdoor smart lights, speakers and more.

I’m no pitmaster, so I’m sold on the idea of enjoying my backyard get-togethers while monitoring my burgers and skewers right from my smartphone. I’d complete the summer atmosphere with a voice assistant-enabled smart speaker, which would let me control my other IoT devices designed specifically for the outdoors. 

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