Twelve South Forte for iPhone 12 charging stand 01

Charge your iPhone the modern way with the Twelve South Forté for iPhone 12 charging stand. This useful gadget is an upright docking station that securely holds a MagSafe charger, so you can wirelessly charge your phone while having full access to the screen. The MagSafe charger then easily pops out when you want to travel. Moreover, the Twelve South Forté for iPhone 12 uses a magnetic attachment to securely hold your phone horizontally or vertically for hands-free use. The platform also tilts up to 70 degrees, so you can tailor the screen to your position. This is great for streaming shows or FaceTiming friends. Or set the angle to a stable 90 degrees to charge your AirPods or AirPods Pro. Overall, it’s a useful workspace accessory that earns the right to be displayed.

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