Whether it’s gas or charcoal, pellet or electric, if you’re looking to take any grill to the next level, Consumer Reports says there are some good gadgets and tools to take your grill to the next level.

Consumer Reports’ grill expert Paul Hope spent the winter checking out a bunch of grill accessories — including a way for you to make pizza on your grill.

“One thing that trips people up when they’re making pizza on the grill is that the bottom crust can burn before the cheese or toppings have set. The KettlePizza Oven has a big piece of thick steel that radiates down and helps melt the cheese and set the toppings before the bottom crust can burn,” said Hope.

The KettlePizza Oven for gas grills costs about $225, but compared to freestanding ovens, Consumer Reports says it’s a deal! Plus, it has its own built-in thermometer, so you know when the oven’s hot enough to make pizza.


If ribs are your thing, the Traeger Rib Rack for $24 fits eight racks on edge, in the space of three racks. So that means more ribs and more room for other foods.

When it’s time to remove those ribs, Consumer Reports says to consider Jolly Green BBQ Heat Resistant Gloves for $29.

“They provide excellent grip but also protect your hands from the heat,” Hope said.

If you’re looking for something for the whole family, the Sumpri Color Coded Extending S’mores Sticks for $18 can be used on your grill or around a campfire. They extend to keep you from getting too close to the flames and everyone can pick their favorite color.


If you just want the basics, Consumer Reports says the Cuisinart Tool Set is a great choice for seasoned grillers who long for an organized space for all their tools or as a gift for someone new to grilling. It includes a spatula, meat fork, kebab and corn holders all in an organized case for $30.

Finally, if you’re ready for a grill upgrade, Consumer Reports testers have also been busy testing the latest models. The best gas grill for your buck is the mid-sized Even Embers GAS8560AS Grill for $395. It preheats fast, offers excellent heating evenness and very good scores for temperature range and indirect cooking.


Consumer Reports says if you prefer charcoal, the 22-inch Weber grill 14402001 for about $175 continues to top Consumer Reports’ charcoal grill ratings for convenience and cooking evenness.

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