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There are so many gadgets that are making waves in the VR world with top-tier brands taking technical leaps forward. To enhance your virtual reality experience, you need the best and latest VR gadgets. That’s why, in today’s blog, we’re showcasing the best devices for the job.

Love gaming but find that the graphics aren’t intense or lifelike enough for you? With our list of the top 10 latest VR gadgets, you’ll experience VR content at another level. Whether you’re searching for a high-tech headset with a generous refresh rate or a gaming controller that allows you to make movements with your feet, we have you covered in today’s roundup.

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Take HTC’s latest VR headset—Vive Focus 3—which delivers 50% battery life in only 30 minutes and a wide, 120-degree field of view. Or experience unbelievable features with the James Tsai Nintendo Switch Joy-Glasses. These virtual reality glasses have built-in speakers and a MicroLED display for an immersive experience. Discover more high-tech VR gadgets like these in today’s blog.

1. Featuring an impressive 120 Hz refresh rate, the HTC Vive Pro 2 is a headset that can keep up with fast-paced games.

If you love gaming, you’ll love playing them even more with the HTC Vive Pro 2 VR headset. This is one of the best latest VR gadgets for speed and clarity. In particular, the 5K resolution display offers 2,448 by 2,448 pixels per eye, so the action feels like it’s happening in real life.

Preorder this VR gadget for $799.

2. The HTC Vive Focus 3 is one of the latest VR gadgets you need to add to your gaming arsenal. It features a generous 120-degree field of view and a 5K display for an immersive gaming experience.

Designed by the same brand as the first gadget on our list, the HTC Vive Focus 3 is ideal to use for long periods of time. That’s because the battery is mounted on the back to improve overall balance. Additionally, the 5K display delivers incredible clarity in all scenarios. This VR gadget also looks stylish thanks to the inside-out tracking technology, as opposed to external sensors.

This VR headset will be available in June for $1,300.

3. Make gaming fun for the whole family with the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04. This gadget lets you create your own VR experiences.

Take VR gaming to new heights with the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04. It includes interactive build instructions, quick-play virtual reality games, and more. Moreover, there are so many creations you can make, from Toy-Con VR Goggles to Toy-Con Blaster and Toy-Con Elephant to Toy-Con Camera.

This VR kit is available for $79.99.

4. The Varjo VR-3 features a 200 Hz integrated eye tracker to deliver detailed accuracy you won’t believe.

Experience games and footage in exceptional clarity with the Varjo VR-3. This VR headset has a resolution of over 70 pixels per degree. Best of all, it offers 99% color accuracy within the sRGB color space. You can even wear it for hours, thanks to the active cooling system that prevents it from overheating.

Order your headset for $3,195.

5. Connect the James Tsai Nintendo Switch Joy-Glasses to external monitors to experience augmented reality. It even features built-in speakers and a MicroLED display.

The James Tsai Nintendo Switch Joy-Glasses boast an array of features aside from speakers and a MicroLED display. In particular, these VR glasses come with an infrared camera and integrated LED lighting. Moreover, the lenses adapt automatically to changing light, making them great for all environments.

These glasses are a concept design, but we hope to see a price and release date someday.

6. Get fit while having fun with the Virtuix Omni One. It’s a VR treadmill that lets you move up, down, and side to side.

Virtuix Omni One VR treadmill

Once you’ve used the Virtuix Omni One once, you’ll want to use it all the time. This smart gadget can even detect if you crouch or kneel, which are common positions in VR gaming. Furthermore, with a diameter of only four feet, it won’t take up much space in your home.

The release date hasn’t been announced for this VR gadget, but the price will be $1,995.

7. The Oculus Quest 2 is a reasonably priced VR & AR headset that provides crisp graphics and a dynamic environment.

Sporting a plethora of features, the Oculus Quest 2 is a must-have gadget for gamers. In particular, it includes ergonomic controllers with enhanced hand tracking when compared to the previous model. Additionally, it’s available in two models to suit your needs: 64 and 256 gigabytes.

This VR and AR headset starts at $299.

8. Navigate through the gaming world with your feet using the 3dRudder for PlayStation VR. It’s so fun and interactive.

3dRudder for PlayStation VR

The 3dRudder for PlayStation VR is one of the latest VR gadgets you’ll quickly fall in love with. It allows you to move freely and seamlessly in compatible games. In fact, you’ll receive full motion control, such as speeding up, slowing down, and even stopping where you choose to.

Get your gaming controller for $119.

9. Have a motion gaming experience with the 3dRudder for VR & PC. It lets you become fully immersed in your games.

Whether you play PC, VR, or Xbox games via the Xbox Adaptive Controller, the 3dRudder for VR & PC proves an incredibly useful foot controller. Furthermore, it grants you the freedom to move forward, move backward, rotate, and go in other directions similar to real life.

Make your purchase on the official website for $99.

10. Instantly stream videos at 30 frames per second and 1,080p quality with the VIEWPT VR180 NANO. It’s perfect for influencers.


Whether you’re a vlogger or simply love taking videos, the VIEWPT VR180 NANO is a must-have device. It’s a livestreaming camera that attaches to your smartphone for crystal-clear video. It’s also ultra-stable and delivers ultra-defined footage.

Preorder your 4K VR livestreaming camera now for about $110.

What are your thoughts on these latest VR gadgets? Let us know in the comments and share any other recommendations that we haven’t listed above.

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