Samsung Bespoke Smart AirDresser 01

Avoid those expensive dry cleaning bills with the Samsung Bespoke Smart AirDresser. This beautiful smart home gadget features powerful JetStream technology. It combines steam and airflow to relax light wrinkles and refresh clothing, bedding, sweaters, and even soft toys. Of course, it also removes dust and odors. Moreover, this home dry cleaner also has a new humidity sensor. It can reduce cycle times by about 15%. The 2021 AirDresser also comes in 18- and 24-inch models, so you get flexibility no matter the size of your home. And the crystal mirror finish looks great in any room of the house. Even better, the Samsung Bespoke Smart AirDresser has Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows the appliance to sync with your Samsung washer, so you get notifications when cycles are complete. It’s never been easier to care for your delicate items.

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