Samsung Bespoke Cube Smart Air Purifier 01

Breathe cleaner air at home with the Samsung Bespoke Cube Smart Air Purifier. This smart gadget boasts a quiet, Wind-Free design that pulls in air from 5 directions to clean it rapidly and intensively, even in large areas. The ultrafine purification system allows this cool air purifier to remove 99.999% of dust 0.01 µm in size. Meanwhile, the 3-way smart discharge moves clean air in multiple directions. And allergy sufferers can rejoice because this modern air purifier even comes with an extra filter that can trap pet fur and dander. What’s more, the Samsung Bespoke Cube Smart Air Purifier has a designer-inspired aesthetic. It comes in a compact shape and optional herringbone design. Purchase it in either the Gray or Deep Green color option; it’s going to look great in your home regardless. Finally, this cool gadget allows you to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality with your smartphone.

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