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To allow more visibility into and management of Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources and expenses and minimize the cloud skills training required to operate these resources, AWS Partner RONIN created the RONIN research computing platform. RONIN gives researchers the ability to create exactly the computers or storage that they need in minutes. With access to the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, researchers are able to store and process larger datasets, collaborate globally, and adapt to changing technologies and research methods instantly. Research IT can spend less time provisioning unique hardware and systems, and spend more time enabling researchers to leverage advanced computing technologies and algorithms. Read this blog to learn more about the types of research workloads possible on AWS through RONIN.

RONIN empowers researchers with a simple interface. Below are some of the features available through RONIN’s easy-to-use interface.

  • In its default and simplest configuration, RONIN is installed in one AWS account owned by the RONIN administrator. RONIN provides a four-page build sheet that the administrator can use to specify security parameters, such as the IP addresses which are allowed access to the RONIN portal, and the default Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket policy.
  • Tightly secured machines can be difficult for researchers to access and ssh port tunneling poses a steep learning curve. To make this easier, RONIN includes a desktop application called RONIN Link for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. This application helps automatically route applications that would normally open up ports for RStudio Server, Jupyter Notebooks, Ganglia Monitoring System, and anything else through an encrypted connection through SSH port 22.
  • RONIN was designed to make it simple for researchers to create machines and auto-scaling clusters and either install their own software on these assets or leverage pre-constructed machine images or packages.
  • Behind the scenes, the organization’s RONIN administrators have access to the AWS console for the account and can use all of the AWS services in the background to further monitor, tag, manage, and create new resources for RONIN users that are separately managed.

You can learn more about what powers RONIN’s user-friendly interface and more features here.

RONIN and AWS are introducing a limited Research Acceleration Package complete with discounted licensing, credit, and training—everything a research department needs to start using cloud computing to support their researchers and control the costs. Learn more about RONIN by watching this video or checking out these webinars (Genomics, GROMACS, Neuro Imaging). Get started by contacting your AWS account manager or completing this contact form

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