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Realme has announced its first brand in the tech lifestyle ecosystem. It is called Dizo. Pronounced “dee-zoe”, the new brand from Realme, which itself spun off from Oppo three years back, will act as a name for all AIoT products that the company will be launching going forward. Realme has a growing portfolio of interconnected smart devices, along with lifestyle products such as a tote bag and a backpack. It makes sense Realme wants to give a separate identity to these products to maintain a core focus on phones, but it may be too much for customers.

“Urging its consumers to “Be Different”, Dizo wishes to offer technology that complements individuality of a consumer, empowers them, and becomes an extension of their respective personalities,” said Realme, highlighting how Dizo will coexist in the current portfolio of the company. Think of it as a mini brand in the company’s kitty meant for most non-mobile gadgets. Realme told me earlier this year that it is planning to bring more smart devices, such as an electric juicer, and Dizo may be what will help give them a fresh identity.

As long as the products are concerned, we might see a full ecosystem of products. Realme has big ambitions to enter your home and place one gadget in every room and each corner. That would involve a comprehensive growth strategy and Dizo seems to be the first major step towards that. Realme said Dizo will launch products in four major categories:

  • Smart Entertainment
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Care
  • Accessories

Realme will offer “unwavering” support to Dizo and that will be based on three aspects: industrial design, supply chain, and AIoT experience. The last one, specifically, refers to the software support that Dizo products would gain, thanks to the Realme Link app. To give an example of how this would work, Xiaomi has Redmi products that work with its software solutions, alongside products that come from crowdfunded brands such as Yeelink. There is no crowdfunding for Dizo, though.

Commenting on the launch of Dizo brand, Madhav Sheth, vice president, Realme and CEO of Realme India and Europe said, “This is a momentous occasion as Dizo goes live with its mission to offer innovative and diversified AIoT solutions to its consumers. The newest brand will enable users to experience a smart, efficient, and an interconnected life. Being the first brand in the realme TechLife ecosystem, I am very excited to tell you that DIZO already has great products in the pipeline to offer to the people.”

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