Popular Steam Deck dock maker pulls upcoming design, claiming a competitor stole it

Peripherals manufacturer Jsaux has announced it is delaying and redesigning its planned RGB Steam Deck dock, as reported by Gaming on Linux (opens in new tab). Jsaux alleges that its manufacturing partner leaked its design to a rival company, and that this rival company co-opting its design led to the decision to pull the product.

Valve has its in-house Steam Deck dock (opens in new tab) available for purchase, but with the long delay before it was released and a $90 price tag, it’s a bit of a tall order. Meanwhile, any old USB-C hub will work for connecting a Deck to external peripherals, and manufacturers like Jsaux have stepped in to offer cheaper alternatives to Valve’s docking station. We’re fans of the company’s standard Deck dock (opens in new tab), though we recommend shelling out the extra $10 for its HB0603 (opens in new tab) model.

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