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ORock Technologies has introduced a new cloud computing offering developed in partnership with Intel and Lockheed Martin to provide organizations with a capability to tackle high performance computing applications and workloads in cloud or virtualized environments while ensuring the security of the process.

The ORockCloud with Hardened Security has over 325 government and industry security controls and is fitted with the second generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Lockheed-built Secure Runtime Environment to isolate critical data and ensure its confidentiality, integrity and high availability, ORock said Wednesday.

It works to streamline broad deployment of HPC workloads and provides a secure runtime environment for applications in the OpenStack cloud platform.

“With Intel’s computing platform experience, this partnership extends to ORock Technologies’ secure cloud platform for organizations to accelerate their operations and expand rapidly without sacrificing quality of service,” said Adam Miller, advanced programs director at Lockheed.

The ORockCloud with Hardened Security is also planned to be equipped with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors in the near future.

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