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The more we understand about the brain, the more we’ve come to realize that fidgeting can often times help people connect, focus, or brainstorm. The rise of the fidget spinner only goes to show just how valuable gadgets can be to our processing. 

Taking this inherent attraction to fidgeting to a whole new level, the Skill Set Scientific Desk Toy + Magnet Shield is changing the game, and it’s on sale for just $105, an 18 percent discount from its list price of $129.

Having been the subject of rave reviews, this aluminum magnet ball is a blast to play with. Using the toy’s materials and included magnets, users while away the hours playing games like keeping the ball afloat without touching it. A fresh, futuristic, and proven fidgeting tool, this two-pack of desk toys can help a variety of people with focus and productivity. 

Different people function under different circumstances, but reaching optimal levels of stimulation for maximum output could only be a gadget away. The Skill Set Scientific Desk Toy + Magnet Shield could be just the ticket you need to improve your overall productivity. 

The Skill Set is the skill toy version of the Flux Original product, designed to get the most fun out of the anti-gravity effect. Learning tricks or simply taking five and enjoying a little fidget time to get space from a troubling problem like writers’ block can be just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes getting out of our heads can give us a necessary solution or simply relieve stress. 

Need further convincing? Many proven publications have sung the praises of this fidget toy.The Ecomonist says, “Watching this defiance of the laws of nature is undeniably mesmeric.” So, maybe that problem you’ve been stressed out about or far too invested in can be solved by a little fidget escapism. 

This 2-Pack Skill Set Scientific Desk Toy + Magnetic Shield retails for $129 and is on sale for $105.95, a discount of 18 percent. 

Prices subject to change.

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