Microsoft Releases Xbox Controller Hoodies

Microsoft unveils its latest merch for Xbox users with two different colored hoodies for Xbox Series X/S controllers for the impending cold weather.

Microsoft doesn’t want Xbox controllers to get cold, so it’s offering a solution with its recent merchandise.

As reported by Eurogamer, Microsoft has begun pre-orders for its innovative new product: Xbox Mini Controller Hoodies. The tiny jackets come in black or white and are designed for Xbox Series X/S controllers. “It’s the time of year where you may want to cozy up with a nice hoodie,” reads the Xbox Gear Shop’s official description of the item. “This winter don’t let your controllers feel left out with a mini controller hoodie.”


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The hoodies’ material comprises 100 percent polyester with a zipper and armholes for the controller’s grips. The Xbox merch will set buyers back $24.99 for each hoodie, but the first round of items have already sold out. Microsoft plans to ship the next batch of Mini Controller Hoodies in early 2023. Despite the popularity of the tiny jackets, it is unclear how gamers would use such a feature outside sitting controllers on the shelf, as the hoodie blocks access to the buttons.

Other than controller accessories, Microsoft also released an Xbox Series X mini-fridge. The company debuted the product after beating Skittles and Spotify in a March Madness-style bracket contest in early 2021. The console-themed fridge can store up to 12 cans and snacks on its two shelves and features a USB port on the front. An Xbox Series X can even fit inside the 18-inch tall replica fridge.

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In addition to Mini Hoodies and fridges, several franchises have collaborated with Xbox for players to deck out their controllers in various pop-culture designs. For example, Razer unveiled its limited-edition Stormtrooper controller in celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4, 2022. Additionally, the acclaimed technology company designed a Captain America Xbox controller for fans of Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

While custom peripherals can entice players, Xbox hasn’t always had luck with its controller designs. Released in September 2022, Xbox’s Elite Series 2 Core controller hasn’t impressed many users. Some players have pointed out sticky buttons and the hand grips peeling off. Reddit user u/thatwildmage has even gone through six controllers due to the issues discovered with the faulty peripherals.

While the first batch of Xbox Mini Controller Hoodies are sold out, pre-orders are still open until Dec. 15 for the next round, which ships in mid-February 2023.

Source: Eurogamer

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