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Biomutant is an action RPG, made in a dystopian world. The game furnishes the players with a progression of melee weapons and ranged weapons to bring down their adversaries. It additionally has a loot system as all RPGs do. Looting and Crafting will be key to upgrading the character that the player uses. Many have been wondering about the Biomutant Bricktown Superb Loot Location.

Biomutant Bricktown Superb Loot Location

Biomutant Bricktown is a location that players will visit early on in the game and Biomutant Collectibles are scattered in this area. Like all locations, the area consists of valuable loot that players will need to acquire. Biomutant Bricktown consists of 3 Old World Gadgets and one piece of Superb Loot. These are quite difficult to find, as they are hidden well, and the players will have to solve a Biomutant puzzle in order to acquire them.

These Biomutnant puzzles are simple when the players understand the concept, they will have to just align the same colors with each other to solve the puzzle.  Fortunately for the players, this guide will help them find all the important loot in Bricktown. Check out the locations for all Biomutant Collectibles in Bricktown below: 

  • Old World Gadget 1: The players are looking for a washing machine with a closed lid. This collectible can be retrieved from a laundromat in Bricktown, which is located at the northeast edge of this area. The washing machine is called a Closed Soaker.
  • Old World Gadget 2: Players are looking for a building in blue colored wallpaper, near the coordinates 6887, 11250. They need to enter the building and look for a ramp pointing downwards. This ramp will lead them to the door that consists of the Old World Gadget inside, a Flush Stool.
  • Superb Loot: The players are looking for a shop with a Cow made on its exterior, the shop on the left which is attached to it is the one the players need to enter. In this shop, the players can find the Superb Loot in a filing cabinet on the ground floor.
  • Old World Gadget 3: The last and final Old World Gadget is located very close to the Superb Loot at Bricktown. In the shop that the players find the Superb Loot, they just need to head upstairs to the second floor to find a Microwave in a small kitchen on the second floor.


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