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You like new technologies, but you are not really a fan of installing new applications on your smartphone and being online all the time? Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing, minimalistic tech gadgets that you could use while being offline. Here are some of the most interesting devices for a minimalist.

We no longer want to be online all the time

Nowadays, you can operate your multiple home devices and applications simply with your smartphone. It has some cons too – constant notifications can drive a person crazy! Do you have a simple taste and look for minimalistic equipment, or maybe you just want to run away from informational noise, but still live smart? Minimalistic gadgets will help you live a simple life while staying comfortable. Check out our list and learn about the most practical and minimalistic gadgets many of us just can’t live without.

Portable Charger

Power banks are nothing new, many people still buy them. Why? Not every bus or train has plugs that allow you to charge your devices, but many of us take business trips and have to work on the train or need to charge a mobile phone. A small portable charger that fits in your pocket would solve the problem. There are some power banks that hold over two full charges for the average smartphone and support charging of two devices simultaneously.

Compact computer mouse

There are some who can’t imagine using a computer without a mouse. A tiny mouse can be also of use for those who travel long distances and like to play their favourite games on the way. Of course, it can also be used at home and will fit the minimalistic design of the apartment as it is really simple and doesn’t take a lot of space on the desk.

Tiny Bluetooth speaker

With this little piece of technology you can bring your music with you everywhere. Do you hate headphones? A Bluetooth speaker can be used in a garden, on the beach – you can turn on your favourite track list for yoga and exercise close to nature but with a great acoustic background. Such speakers are compatible with Android Smartphones. You can also use it at home instead of large speakers. It has a nice, simple design and will complement any interior nicely.


Misplaced your keys or wallet again? Most of us have a tendency to misplace things. TrackR will help you find them quickly. The application is compatible with devices operating on both Android and iOS. It has a useful feature – it shows you the distance between lost items and your app so you could spot your item much faster.

A minimalist phone

Life was much simpler with no smartphones in our lives. Moreover, according to Healthline online magazine our mobile phones may increase our stress level if we have it around the whole day. Some scientists are also researching the notion of how dangerous electromagnetic radiation really is. In order to decrease stress in mobile phone users’ lives and improve their overall life satisfaction, technologists came up with minimalist phones. A great example is Mudita Pure available at These phones have reduced electromagnetic radiation, use only the most important features and are really elegant.


How many credit and debit cards do you carry with you every day? Are you tired of constant mess in your wallet? You can find the right card within a second with a Swyp electronical card. This smart card will let you pay with 25 different cards without having them on you. The device is EMV compatible. It will save you a lot of time and you don’t need to have your cards on you anymore. It has a year-long battery life.

Do you really need them?

Surely you do not need all of them at one time, but these pieces of technology are small, elegant, innovative, inexpensive and will make your life much simpler. They could also be ideal gifts. Some of those gadgets have their cons as well as pros, but you should certainly try them out, if you are a fan of minimalistic devices.

Surely, you have used some of the smart, minimalist tech yourself. Are there any other amazing, minimalistic gadgets that you would add to this list?

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