The HYTE Eclipse HG10 is a brand-new (and first) wireless gaming headset from the company best known for making PC cases and other PC peripherals. So can the company’s first attempt at the gaming headset market make its way onto our best wireless gaming headset list?

At first glance, the HYTE Eclipse HG10 is an impressive-looking headset, with a minimalist sleekness rarely seen in the peripheral space. This thing looks cool, and its half-moon cup shape is certainly striking. At $99.99, it may not qualify as one of our best cheap gaming headsets, but it certainly won’t break the bank, and certainly so for a wireless set. So, how does the HYTE Eclipse HG10 stack up? We spent some serious time with it to help you decide whether you want HYTE’s first headset. 

Design & Features

The HYTE Eclipse HG10 is a striking headset straight out of the box (which is also quite striking thanks to its bright yellow colorway and surprisingly small stature). With its monochrome matte white, light grey, and metallic silver color scheme, half-moon ear cups, and phases of the moon etched on one of the metal arms attaching the headband to the cups, this is a minimalist gaming headset that stands out in a sea of flashy peripherals. 

Hyte Eclipse HG10 gaming headset

(Image credit: Hyte/AlyssaMercante)

Essential info

Design: Over-ear, closed back
USB 2.0 Type-A (2.4GHz) wireless dongle / USB Type-C charging
Driver: 40mm Neodymium magnet
Microphone: Uni-directional, detachable
Impedance: 32 ohms
Compatibility: PC, PlayStation, Switch, Mac
Frequency response: 
Price: $99.99
Tested on PC and PS5.

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