HP Capitalizes On Hybrid Working Trend with Latest Product Launches

HP encourages partners to cash in on the hybrid work opportunity with latest devices, peripherals and print offerings.

HP AMPLIFY EXECUTIVE FORUM ― HP is modernizing its portfolio to take advantage of the hybrid working opportunity.

Alex Cho, president of the personal systems business at HP, unveiled a raft of new products at this week’s HP Amplify Executive Forum in Palo Alto, California.

HP's Alex Cho

HP’s Alex Cho

Cho said the total addressable market (TAM) was 50% bigger than the last time the firm was face to face with partners three years ago. Cho estimated there was “a half-trillion-dollar TAM we are going after together.”

“Those are some big numbers,” he added. “That’s not a big growth number on top of a small base. That’s a big number on top of a big number.”

The exec also noted the importance of peripherals.

“In a more digital world, peripherals make that computing experience more immersive and real and tangible,” he said. “It’s more than the PC. The word is ‘experiences.’ If there’s a word that I want to make sure you hear from me, it’s about powering great experiences in a hybrid world. That is our North Star.”

The offerings include enhancements to HP Proactive Insights. These enable partners to optimize the device experience for employees with the power of HP analytics.

Additionally, HP CEO Enrique Lores described the firm’s print offerings as “the strongest portfolio we have had in the print business in history.”

See the slideshow above to see the latest HP print and device launches to support the hybrid working trend.


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