The Razer Huntsman Mini and Razer Viper V2 Pro (Image via Razer)

The keyboard and mouse are the primary input devices of a PC and make a big difference in making or breaking the gaming experience. When PC gaming becomes a hobby, getting the best component for every setup aspect turns from a want to a need.

Gaming mice and keyboards must be comfortable, accurate, and long-lasting while adding some personality to the setup. But how important are they in adding to a user’s gaming performance?

Upgrading to gaming mouse and keyboard should not be top priority


Most manufacturers add the term “gaming” to their products to cater to a broader audience, even if the quality is not up to the mark. There are thousands of keyboards and mice on the market that are unsuitable for gaming but can still be used by casual gamers who are not looking to play games competitively.

Other than RGB, various factors differentiate between a standard mouse and keyboard with gaming ones.



Gaming mice and keyboards are designed to be used for long periods so that they do not wear out as fast as non-gaming devices. Manufacturers advertise their products to have a lifespan of millions of clicks and presses for extreme reliability.

If a standard peripheral is used for gaming, users can encounter issues earlier than expected, and mice and keyboards are not designed to be repaired.



Reflexes and reaction times need to be as low as possible while playing games, and gaming peripherals help users achieve that. These devices are designed with the latest technology that delivers flawless responses and becomes one with players.

Today’s gaming mice have optical switches that use a laser to register a click which is as fast as it can become. The sensors have a maximum DPI of up to 30,000, which is overkill but ensures top performance at lower sensitivities.



Built with gaming in mind, manufacturers include features that will give users an advantage over others. Gaming mice have extra buttons that they can customize to perform macros, something only used in gaming, while other features include weight customization, wireless, PTFE feet, and more.

Gaming keyboards are mechanical, whereas a standard one is a membrane. Mechanical keyboards are faster, more durable, customizable, and can register multiple keys simultaneously.

If one key becomes defective in a membrane keyboard, the whole device will need to be replaced, whereas each key can be substituted in a mechanical keyboard.


An upgraded gaming PC will be of utmost importance (Image via Razer)
An upgraded gaming PC will be of utmost importance (Image via Razer)

Even though it may seem to some that a gaming keyboard and mouse will improve their performance drastically, it is not the most critical upgrade in a setup.

Before buying gaming peripherals, users should ensure that their PCs are strong enough to run titles at high FPS, which will not hinder performance. Secondly, getting a gaming monitor will impact their performance more than peripherals.

A gaming keyboard is arguably less crucial than a gaming mouse because it is more ergonomic, and the extra buttons are helpful in most games. A standard keyboard will pass on being used for gaming, but a gaming mouse will impact a user’s performance the most.

Note: This article is solely based on the author’s opinions.

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