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Traditional cloud architecture makes achieving digital transformation challenging – learn how to simplify the process (Image courtesy of EdgeConneX)

54% of enterprise IT leaders say digital transformation is their #1 top priority. Cloud is one of the most important tools in the digital transformation processes. But it’s not about the infrastructure, it’s about what the cloud enables: cost efficiency/savings, delivery speed of products and/or services, value delivered to business units, and increased speed of innovation. In short, a good cloud strategy can give you a competitive advantage.

The problem is a traditional cloud architecture makes achieving digital transformation challenging. These challenges would include:

  1. Performance
  2. Cost
  3. Security
  4. Expertise

A new white paper from EdgeConneX explores each of these topics and explains how edge computing helps to solve each of these clouds related digital transformation challenges. Here is one highlight:

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Take cloud performance challenges. As enterprises progress in their digital transformation, application performance becomes increasingly important. When employees and customers engaged primarily on-premises – in the office, store, factory, etc. – enabling technology was much simpler. Now that employees and customers engage with the enterprise through apps from literally anywhere, the performance of those applications becomes critical to success.

The solution is a model Gartner calls distributed cloud computing – “the first cloud model that incorporates physical location of cloud-delivered services as part of its definition.” Getting to the clouds through an edge gateway data center that is highly localized and proximate alleviates network bottlenecks, reduces latency and improves performance.

This highly graphical paper dives into a lot more details about each of the four challenges and how an edge computing cloud strategy can accelerate your digital transformation.

Traditional cloud architecture makes achieving digital transformation challenging. These challenges can be solved by a hybrid multi-cloud ecosystem at the edge.

This paper also provides 6 different case studies on how edge solutions solved the digital transformation process for several well-known enterprises. Download this informative white paper from EdgeConneX and learn why the cloud is better at the edge.

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