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Hyderabad: A message urging people to turn off their electronic devices is circulating on WhatsApp. Users’ claim that harmful cosmic radiation waves that will pass through the earth at 12:30 am.

Click here to watch the forwarded video.

“The American NASA scientists have said that tonight is going to be very dangerous to the world. This video contains audio that is currently going viral. (In the audio: I am sending you a voice note and do not take this recording for fun. Tonight after 12:30, the radiation of all the planets will pass through our houses. In your homes, wherever you find electronic devices charging, kindly take them off and turn them off. The radiation is very dangerous and the report has come from NASA,” the message said.

The message claimed that the radiation is harmful to human bodies because they are very close to electronic gadgets. Users also encourage netizens to share the video.

The video states that the CNN news channel has reported about the harmful radiation waves as well.

The same warning claim has been circulated in various places and in different languages. It has been circulating for several years.

This news has been debunked in 2019 yet it is being circulated on a large scale creating fear among the public.

Fact Check:

The claim is false. Many such warning messages have been sent across in the last few years. All of them were fake.

The Fact check team of News Meter checked if the CNN news has made any such claim of NASA announcing about radiation from planets and that radiation being harmful to Humans. It has been found out that CNN has not reported any such news. Instead, it has reported on the over usage of mobile phones and how it will affect the stability of a Human being.

(This video however is 8 years old)

Secondly, the fact check team also conducted research if the cosmic rays are harmful to human bodies., “The Earth is shielded by a magnetic field that makes the charged particles bounce from pole to pole, creating two gigantic donut-shaped belts populated by energetic electrons and protons. The magnetosphere deflects cosmic rays and protects us from solar flares. Sometimes, cosmic radiation does reach us, but without creating any harm, just like other low levels of radiation, we are regularly exposed to. On average, people are exposed to around 3.5 millisieverts of radiation per year,” said International Atomic Energy Agency.

Hence the cosmic rays are not as strong as depicted.

Conclusion: Hence the claim is false. Cosmic rays are not harmful; however over usage of mobile phones or electronic gadgets could be harmful. The viral video shared is fake, old and creating fear among the people.

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