CoolerClips Portable Tabletop 001

Make cooking and dining on the go much easier with the CoolerClips portable tabletop & cupholders. They attach to your hard or soft cooler to provide you with helpful counter space. Rather than trying to hold everything in your hands and use the cooler surface to prep your sandwich, the CoolerClips give you a dedicated meal prep space. Additionally, you can use these portable tabletop & cupholders to hold your drinks as you pour them or just sit and relax. Furthermore, designed with a clip and bracket system, the CoolerClips remain secure on your cooler. Choose between a small Single Deck to hold three drinks or a large Single Deck to hold four. However, you could go for the Double Deck option for a second surface area on the other side. Finally, your outdoor gatherings will run much more smoothly with these portable countertops!

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