Charby Pico 01

Keep your devices charged, wherever you go, with the Charby Pico GaN wall charger. This petite charger features a 65-watt power delivery with Programmable Power Supply, thanks to its Gallium Nitride tech. This lets it charge faster, more efficiently, and in a smaller form factor than your typical silicon charger. The Pico can power your laptop, yet it’s as small as a smartphone charger. And it charges large devices as well as small ones. What’s more, this gadget can revitalize up to 3 devices at once, thanks to its one USB-A port and two USB-C ports. This saves you time and outlet space. Moreover, it charges all your devices quickly, from your Macbook to your Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, you can use this device in any country since it supports a universal 100–240 voltage. It’s time to de-clutter your workspace and lighten your backpack with this fast, compact charger.

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