AOC AGON AGM600 Gaming Mouse Review

AOC AGON AGM600 Gaming Mouse Review

The market is littered with incredible gaming mice these days, and while AOC may be better known for their gaming monitors, they’ve recently started to dip into the world of peripherals too. It certainly makes sense too, as with a full set of AGON-branded peripherals, they’ll make the perfect aesthetic match for your AGON monitor (if you have one). However, it doesn’t matter what other brands you use, as on paper, it looks like the new AOC AGON AGM600 is well enough equipped to prove a sturdy rival against other gaming mice too.


This mouse is designed for both eSports and hardcore gamers alike, especially those who favour competitive FPS gaming. It comes with 10 fully programmable buttons, a 16,000 DPI optical sensor (the Pixart PWM3389), and high-quality switches courtesy of Kailh that are rated for 80M clicks. It’s got all the usual bits too, such as a braided cable, RGB customisation etc, and really, it’s ticking all the right boxes to compete in today’s market. However, it also comes certified for Nvidia Reflex Technology, promising better response times and latency, which is certainly a good thing for competitive gamers.

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Nvidia Reflex

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