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Although concept products might not be on the market yet, we can’t help but get excited about the features they entail. In today’s blog, we’re showcasing the top 10 coolest concept products for your home that you’ll want to use every day. Keep reading to discover what makes these gadgets so desirable.

The tech world is full of exciting accessories, but sometimes we crave something more. For those moments, concept products are the way to go. This tech category is futuristic and includes elements that the world hasn’t seen before. All the while, they add some luxury and a wow factor to your lifestyle.

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While you sift through this list of the most amazing concept products, remember that they’re unavailable at the moment. However, though the below concept gadgets aren’t for sale yet—and there’s no confirmation that they will be—they still boast some amazing features. And you might see a similar invention brought to the market soon.

1. Turn headphones into a fashionable accessory with the OnePlus Bullets necklace earbuds. They magnetically attach to a chain to double as a piece of jewelry when not in use.

Tired of misplacing your headphones? Then the OnePlus Bullets necklace earbuds are a great option for you. They connect to a chain that you can then hang around your neck. This design ensures that they’re always close by when you’re ready to start listening to music. Plus, you needn’t worry about placing the earbuds in a case; simply attach them to the chain to save time.

Read more about this concept gadget’s features and specifications.

2. The Facebook Reality Labs Project Aria smart glasses can locate missing items, such as lost keys. Turn your everyday life into a more digital one while looking stylish.

Continuously learning and gathering data from your surroundings, the Facebook Reality Labs Project Aria smart glasses are an amazing concept gadget we can imagine wearing right now. Not only can they help you find misplaced items, but these smart glasses can also detect road hazards while you walk to improve your safety.

Discover more about this amazing concept gadget.

3. Game for prolonged periods with the MORPHOX gaming remote. This concept gadget features enhanced ergonomics to prevent hand cramps, so you don’t need to pause the game.

If the main reason you stop playing a game is that your hand hurts, you need the MORPHOX gaming remote. This is one of the most amazing concept gadgets for gamers because you can adjust its size based on different games and users. Additionally, it’ll help you beat your competitors, thanks to accurately positioned buttons and improved tracking.

Find out what else this gaming remote is capable of.

4. The Ellie Tsang Hello From The Weather device recreates the outdoor weather and includes visual indicators of the temperature.

Tired of heading outdoors and being surprised about the temperature? The Ellie Tsang Hello From The Weather is an amazing concept product that comes with a bottom panel that lets you actually feel a breeze, ice, rain, and the exact temperature of the outdoors. You can even change the location to gain insight into the climate in another city.

Get more information about this temperature machine.

5. Designed like a toaster, the time to toast smartphone sterilizer and charger is a 2-in-1 gadget that charges your smartphone and removes bacteria from its surface.

There are tons of bacteria per square inch on the average phone, and the time to toast smartphone sterilizer and charger can keep your phone clean. In particular, this concept gadget provides a secure space for your phone that works perfectly on a nightstand. During storage, it’ll simultaneously sterilize your smartphone and charge it.

Read more about this amazing concept gadget.

6. Upgrade your living room furniture with the Dong Dong massaging sofa for a relaxing treat every night. It offers a comfortable place to unwind.

Say goodbye to boring sofas with the Dong Dong massaging sofa. This is one of the most amazing concept gadgets for a home as it comes with an integrated wireless massager for a designated space to relax and unwind. Moreover, it has a detachable massaging pillow that works wirelessly. As a result, you can move it to any place you need—including off the sofa if you wish.

Discover more about this massaging sofa.

7. The Joonhyuk Hong Rollean concept TV includes a useful shelf for storing items, and the screen rolls down underneath.

There’s no need for traditional TVs when you have the Joonhyuk Hong Rollean concept TV. It’s a home accessory that adapts to your living space so you don’t need to purchase an additional shelf for storing your items. Moreover, once you unroll the screen, it slides back into the table after use, offering plenty of space in your home.

Gather more insight into this concept TV.

8. Listen to your favorite music with the HEVI 360-degree modular concept speaker. It breaks into two parts that you can carry separately.

With the HEVI 360-degree modular concept speaker, you’ll get to enjoy high-quality audio while having a unique home accessory. This concept gadget boasts a contrast of wood and concrete materials that will look presentable in any home layout.

Discover what’s so great about this concept speaker.

9. Play music aloud or to yourself with the Junho Moon Helix multifunctional headphones. They feature a unique 2-in-1 design.

The Junho Moon Helix multifunctional headphones are among the most amazing concept gadgets because they transform from a home speaker to private headphones. With a gentle twisting action, you can change these multifunctional headphones into a loudspeaker.

Discover what’s so great about this concept gadget.

10. The Fortido induction cooker features a slide out lower-level cooktop to expand your cooking space in the kitchen.

If you have limited kitchen space, you’ll want a kitchen gadget that works on your countertop. Fortunately, the Fortido induction cooker is a concept product that includes a lower-level cooktop that slides out, similar to a drawer. In fact, it is a quick and easy-to-operate format for when you’re cooking quick dishes.

Read more about this concept product.

Which of these amazing concept gadgets do you wish would be sold soon? Share your favorites in the comments.

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