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In a world where we want it all, we want you to imagine for a second that money isn’t an object. That’s why we’re sharing some exceptional gadgets with a hefty price tag. But don’t worry, you’re certainly in for a treat and unique features with each product we listed. Temporarily step into a world of how the other half lives.

Take modern technology to new heights with these luxury gadgets that have shocking prices. If there’s an area of your life that you find inconvenient, we guarantee that there’s a gadget to help. We’re grateful for the technological revolution we’re all a part of that allows us to FaceTime our doctors or press a smart button to adjust the thermostat. But if you want to make your life less simple and more lavish, we have just what you need in today’s roundup.

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In this article, we showcase 10 luxury gadgets with shocking prices, and we mean shocking! You won’t find new inventions on this list. Instead, you’ll see luxurious spins on the accessories you use every day, such as your TV, smartphone, and speaker. These gasp-worthy prices will certainly make you do a double take.

1. The Bugatti Carbon Fiber Pool Table includes a gyroscopic sensor to keep it level while you’re on an uneven surface, like a yacht.

Starting off the list of luxury gadgets with shocking prices is the Bugatti Carbon Fiber Pool Table. Designed for commercial use, it will remain level, even on choppy waters, thanks to the gyroscopic sensor. It’s also equipped with a 13-inch, high-resolution touchscreen to keep track of scores during play. Moreover, it includes an LED ceiling light for optimal visibility, regardless of the environment.

This luxury gadget is coming soon for €250,000.

2. Use the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28 as a floor-standing speaker or mount the base on the wall. It’s best for rooms 15–50 square meters and remains both functional and luxurious.

The Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28 is an adaptive wireless speaker with a slim design that will complement any room in your home. Thanks to its versatility, it streams to a plethora of sources while delivering studio-grade sound. Moreover, this luxury gadget includes a built-in subwoofer with a custom-made 6.5″ driver. It also has three 3″ full-range drivers for exceptional quality.

Purchase this luxury speaker for $16,500.

3. Designed with an ultrathin display, the LG SIGNATURE OLED R rollable TV seamlessly rolls out from its base. It even includes three display modes to tailor its appearance to your space.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED R rollable TV is one of our favorite luxury gadgets for your home. It includes three different heights that complement your space. For example, Full View mode produces sharp images. Or Line View mode expands the TV halfway to display your music, the time, mood lighting and sounds, or the home dashboard. Best of all, this TV includes a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos sound system.

Purchase your luxury TV from LG’s official website for $89,000.

4. Charge your devices in style with the Volonic Valet 3. It features a housing made of 18K yellow gold to complement your Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Nexus gadgets.

While the Volonic Valet 3 certainly has an emphasis on style and luxury, this wireless charging device is also highly functional. In particular, it includes a full-surface and position-free charging area. Therefore, you can place your smartphone, or another device, on top, and it’ll begin charging immediately.

Order your limited-edition wireless charging device for $250,000.

5. Add style and comfort to your living space with the Eero Aarnio Fiberglass Ball Chair. It boasts a spherical shape for uniqueness.

Two people can curl up together in the Eero Aarnio Fiberglass Ball Chair thanks to its wide shape. Additionally, this luxury chair includes polyurethane foam cushions for maximum comfort while you snuggle up with your partner or indulge in a Netflix binge.

Upgrade your furniture for €6,750.

6. Including two models, the Porsche eBike Series is for off-road adventures, everyday use, and daily commuting.

Opt for an everyday eBike or adventure eBike from the Porsche eBike Series. The Sport model is ideal for daily use, such as traveling to work. Or the Cross eBike is ideal for off-road conditions. Designed with a carbon fiber frame, both eBikes are durable, lightweight, and, of course, luxurious.

Get yours for $8,549.97.

7. The C SEED M1 indoor unfolding TV expands to reveal a 165-inch display with 4K MicroLED technology for vibrant colors.

C SEED M1 indoor unfolding TV

For a luxury gadget to use daily in your home, look no further than the C SEED M1 indoor unfolding TV. It unfolds like an envelope to expand from a small home accessory to a screen with a wow factor. Once completely unfolded, this TV won’t present any unwanted gaps, thanks to the Adaptive Gap Calibration.

This luxury TV will be available soon and costs $400,000.

8. Upgrade your smartphone with the luxurious Caviar Jobs 4. This limited-edition iPhone 12 Pro contains a piece of Steve Jobs’s well-known turtleneck for a gadget that you’ll cherish forever.

There’s no other smartphone like the Caviar Jobs 4. Choose from a black, white, or gold color option to suit your style. There are only 10 of each, so you’ll stand out from the crowd. Opt for the white option, which has a G10 case covered with white jewelry enamel. But, no matter which color you choose, these smartphones feature Steve Jobs’s signature engraved on the back.

Get your limited-edition smartphone for $6,520.

9. Unwind after a stressful day with the Kohler Stillness Bath smart bathtub. It’s inspired by Japanese forest bathing for pure relaxation.

Who doesn’t love a bath at the end of a long day? The Kohler Stillness Bath smart bathtub isn’t your typical bath, though. Water overflows onto the Hinoki wood moat to create a soothing sound. Additionally, it softly emits invigorating aromas to ease stress and create a relaxing space.

Order your luxury bath for $6,198.

10. Featuring 750 grams of pure gold, the Caviar AirPods Max Gold Black is simply striking to look at while providing exceptional audio.

Listen to music all day in style with the Caviar AirPods Max Gold Black. These luxury headphones combine high-quality sound with a harmony of classic luxury and style. They’re available in both white or black options for a stunning aesthetic.

Purchase your luxury headphones for $108,000.

Which of these luxury gadgets with shocking prices nearly had your jaw on the floor? Share your feedback, as well as any other shockingly priced tech gear you’ve noticed recently, in the comments.

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