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A lot happened this week in the tech world. Star Wars Day came and went. Bill and Melinda Gates announced that they are separating. And there were a bunch of rumors about the upcoming Apple Watch, as well as rumors of a folding iPhone. But there were a few cool gadgets that were released, too.

BenQ TK700STi 4K Projector

tech roundup


The BenQ TK700STi is a new 4K HDR projector that’s a great fit for gamers who own latest-generation consoles, like the Xbox Series X or PS5. It can produce a native 4K picture — so there’s no need for upscaling, which is what most so-called 4K projectors do — so that games designed for those next-gen consoles can be shown off in all their HDR glory. The catch is that the TK700STi supports HDMI 2.0 rather than HDMI 2.1, meaning that it can only produce a 4K picture at 60Hz rather than 4K at 120Hz (but very few games actually take advantage of that yet). Few people will care about that those when looking at this 100-inch (max) screen.

Price: $1,699


Nebula R2-D2 Capsule II Portable Projector

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Nebula (and its parent company, Anker) celebrated Star Wars Day by releasing a R2-D2-inspired version of its miniature portable projector. The Nebula R2-D2 Capsule II is exactly the same as the company’s other Capsule II portable projectors — a max 100-inch picture, Android operating system, built-in speaker, 200 lumens of brightness and a bunch of connectivity options — but also has a R2-D2 paint job and makes some droid-like noises when you start it up. The catch is that the R2-D2 model costs $700, while the normal model costs $580. (However, if you order before May 9 you can get $80 off the special edition model by using the code: WSMAY4TH.)

Price: $700


Toshiba C350 Series of Smart TVs

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Toshiba announced its new line of 4K smart TVs this week that promises a lot for every little. Each 4K TV supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision (but not HDR10+) and runs on Amazon’s Fire TV operating system. The C350 Series comes in a range of sizes (43″, 50″, 55″, 65″ and 75″), but the kicker is the 43″ model starts at $350, making it one of the cheapest 4K smart TVs that supports HDR that you can buy. These 4K TVs are available for preorder right now and will start shipping at the end of this month.

Price: $350+


Hisense Dual-Cell LCD TV

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Hisense gave us a first look at its upcoming TVs that are poised to rival OLEDs. They’re called dual-cell LCD TVs and, by sandwiches two liquid crystal panels on top of each other, they’re supposedly able to achieve OLED-esque levels of contrast, brightness and overall picture quality. The 75-inch TV will be available this summer and cost a cool $3,500. CNET‘s David Katzmaier has the full details, which you can read by clicking the link below.

Price: $3,500


Google Pixel Buds A-Series

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Google didn’t officially announce new wireless earbuds this week, but one of its official Twitter accounts (@Android) briefly did. Yep, for about 10-minutes, the company’s tweet announcing the all-new Pixel Buds A-Series was live. They look very similar to the company’s existing Pixel Buds, but the “A-Series” designation suggests that they’ll be more affordable than $179, which what the current Pixel Buds demand. The Pixel Buds A-Series will support fast pairing with Android devices and come in an all-white color — but that’s really all we know so far.

You can read the full story on the leaked wireless earbuds on 9to5Google, below.

Price: TBD


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