Each knife is made with matrix powder steel and a fused design, meaning the handle and blade are one solid piece. The first time you cook with these, you’re going to know splurge-worthy knives are truly a cut above the rest. I own two Hast knives and I’ve gotta say, they’ve turned me into a true knife snob. I had no idea how hard I was working to prep vegetables/meat/bread before. Now that I have lightweight, sharp knives, I can really feel the difference. My wrist doesn’t get tired and prep work is done much faster. Whether you’re wanting the whole collection or, like me, starting with a few and building up, I highly recommend getting Hast knives into your home.

Promising review: “This knife is so amazing to use. It feels comfortable to hold in my hand, and it is so incredibly sharp that it will glide through anything. Whether I cut onions, tomatoes, carrots, or other vegetables, it slices them all easily. It doesn’t seem to dull with use, like most knives do. It is really easy to clean as well, just rinse it off after each use and you’re done!” —Michelle W.

*Set includes a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a utility knife, a boning knife, a paring knife, a tailored ceramic honing rod and a cylinder glass knife block.

Get them from Hast for $599 (available in four colors).

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