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Bird Buddy Early Bird ($189) is a smart feeder tailor-made for bird aficionados who never want to miss out on a backyard visitor — and who have supported its production to the tune of over $7.6 million (so far) on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. It can be preordered now, with shipping scheduled to start in October.

The weatherproof Bird Buddy has an integrated camera to take photos of visitors, up close and personal, and uses artificial intelligence to recognize species based on how they look and sound. A companion app keeps a real-time log of your avian guests and automatically organizes the images into collections.

The battery-powered device runs up to 30 days on a charge, depending on the volume of photos and videos it shoots and streams to your mobile device. The battery comes in a detachable module you can bring inside to power up with a USB-C cable.

In the tank

For fish lovers, Seneye Home ($153.99) is a small smart device you place inside your aquarium to keep an eye on water conditions. Automatic monitoring helps you protect your fish from swings in pH and temperature and from ammonia poisoning. Readings are stored for five weeks and automatically uploaded when you connect the device to a computer.

If Seneye Home detects a threat, you’ll get a flashing-light warning so you can promptly fix the problem. (The Seneye+ plus service, which costs extra, adds an option for text and email alerts, among other features.) Seneye Home works for cold-water, marine and tropical aquariums, and there are also versions for ponds ($199.99) and saltwater aquariums ($204.99).

If you like to complement your colorful fish with a light show, the 7-gallon Smart Tank ($119.20) from Koller Products is equipped with customizable LED lighting and a companion app that lets you change colors on the fly and set schedules to turn the illumination on and off. You can also track water temperature on the app and get push notifications if it gets too warm or too cool

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