DIY Tech Gadget to Enhance Decor

Imagine infusing technology seamlessly with your interior decor to give it an exclusive touch? You don’t have to be tech-savvy to make gadgets that can complement your decor. It only requires creativity and basic tech knowledge. Better yet, you can make use of readily available resources at home.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to show off your inborn intelligence. If you looking for worthwhile DIY gadgets to enhance your decor, worry no more because we got yo

1. LED Lamp With a Concrete Base

Have you been thinking of what to do with that LED light lying on the shelf? This DIY project will not only put your LED light to use but also will be a great addition to your living room.

The lamp has a concrete base and a wooden stand whereas the LED lights are tucked inside the wood so that it’s not easily noticeable. You can customize your LED lamp to be voice-controlled, making this DIY project even more fun.

2. Rainbow Light Effect Using Old CDs

Since the world turned digital and started streaming movies on sites such as Netflix, you might be wondering why you shouldn’t throw away your old CDs. Hold on to them because they are the perfect resources needed to create a rainbow light effect for your room.

You simply need to expose the shiny part of your CD to sunlight or a source of light then bounce it off on a wall or a poster card. Within seconds you will notice a rainbow light effect forming, and that will spice up things in your home.

3. Homemade Alarm Clock

Waking up in good time sets the tone for the entire day. On the other hand, oversleeping sets a slow pace that leads into low productivity.

You need this homemade alarm clock if you can’t help hitting that snooze button repeatedly. Additionally, this clock is beneficial for your internal biological clock. Using it will help normalize your sleep patterns and keep your schedule consistent.

4. DIY Electric Fireplace

A TV wall can be hard to decorate but this electric fireplace is the perfect solution. It’ll not only make your room cozy but also fill a wall that’d have otherwise been blank. You can customize the look with a rustic theme to make it unique.

This electric fireplace is eco-friendly, so you’ll play your part in conserving the environment. For this project, you’ll need door hinges, finish nails, screws, beam mantels, and wooden frames.

5. DIY Digital Wall Art

Digital wall art isn’t too common because most people prefer canvas paintings. If you want unique and budget-friendly art for your wall, go digital. You can choose prints like landscapes of buildings, deserts, and the beach, among others.

You can as well create one from an IPS LED display and a Raspberry Pi 3. This is a great opportunity to create art that will inspire your visitors to try similar projects.

6. DIY Night Lamp

The trash bin doesn’t have to be the ultimate landing place for your used wine bottles or mason jars. They can easily be used in making night lamps that will complement the ambiance of your room as you rest. You can also make a senzo nightlight that will light up your room. If this sounds exciting, why not try it out?

This DIY light is a great pick for anyone with a computer desk. You want light that will not be too strong on your eyes.

Maybe this project reminds you of your old PC that was once your workhorse. Check out these cool ideas of reusing your non-functional PC.

7. DIY Wall Lamp

If you’re looking for a wall lamp for your bedroom, office, or reading corner, here is one you can craft. This lamp will add a touch of elegance to your interior decor. Craft exciting and functional light fixtures that you can customize in different ways.

You’ll need recycled materials such as wooden dowels, operated puck lights, remote control wall sconce (optional), nails, and a light socket. Pairing antique light fixture frames with modern light sconces is a great way of creating a rustic-modern combination of light decor.

This DIY minimalist lamp with an industrial charm is also ideal for brightening up your entrances.

Do you have other electronics idling around your home? Here are exciting and simple ways you can reuse your old hardware.

9. DIY Air Conditioner

Are sunburns getting in your nerves due to the sticky wrath of the sun? Tinker your way through DIY crafts and stay cool throughout the summer. You can easily come up with your homemade air conditioner with available household items.

A simple mini solar-powered DIY air conditioner and an evaporative cooler are portable and less bulky. With all the resources ready, this is a project you can finish in a few hours.

One air conditioner may not be quite helpful if you have many rooms. Here are a couple of DIY air conditioner ideas that will inspire you.

10. DIY Paper Plate Clock

Most children can easily tell time with digital clocks, but find it quite challenging to recognize time on analog clocks. Although digital clocks are increasingly becoming popular nowadays, analog clocks are here to stay. As such, reading them is a skill your kids should master. With this simple paper plate clock project, your child will stay ahead of the curve.

To get started, you need a paintbrush, paper brad, markers, craft paint, paper plate(white or colored), and number stickers (one to 12).

11. DIY Light Box Display

Invest in a light box display if you want to feature your products in a blog post, online thrift store, or if you’d like to inspire your visitors. Light boxes are a way of stealing your customers’ attention. The display gives products a magazine finish look, so they can sell fast.

Do it Yourself, Have Fun

You can now enhance the look of your home with these unique DIY tech gadgets. Doing it yourself will tingle your tech brain and give you satisfaction. Create some time and have fun with these mind-engaging projects that will also help reduce electronic waste.

Some great business ideas that have scaled up to multi-million dollar enterprises have been born from experimenting with DIY projects. You never know what ideas will be provoked until you try.

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